About BTH

I firmly believe that Happy is not something that we are or are not, it is something we do. Every day, in a hundred little ways we make choices that can lead to being happy, or not.

I started this blog to help myself, and others see those choices and make the right ones to be happier people.

We won’t always make the right ones, and we won’t always even see the choice is there in that moment but we can learn and stay on the right path.

I will add an important disclaimer here:
I am not a life coach or therepist or expert, well, anything. I hold no degrees.

I’m not going to try to pretend I have all of the answers to life.

I’m just a person who has struggled with her own happiness and has learned some things along the way that I think are valuable enough to share.

A large part of this will be helping me find and maintain my own happiness each day. I hope to build a community here where we can all support and learn from each other.